It all comes down to rent

If you are planning to rent out some fresh beachfront villa Marbella for sale that you are going to buy in the future, you should kind of calculate how much that rent is going to be. You don’t even know how many people would pay even a higher rent if it would be worth it. How to upgrade your future house or property and how to attract customers and clients, that is for a different article. Right now, we will look at how we can make it a little bit better with the rent. Let’s say we have our property already bought and all legal documents are in order, everything is set to go and the only thing that is still lingering in the air, is to put a price on that.


It’s not an easy process. First, také into consideration all these aspects of the property:

  • Location
  • Beaches, restaurants, any other public places, or other amusements
  • Age of the house
  • Size of the property
  • Reconstructed or not?
  • Modern interior or not?


  • How many rooms? How many bedrooms?
  • How is the kitchen? Modern or traditional, fully equipped or not?
  • Fully equipped with furniture or just the basics?
  • Easy access or even full-access for people with disabilities?
  • Is there a garden?
  • Garden equipment like a grill or a fireplace?
  • What about air condition? Heating?

Now you need to focus on the clients you want to rent it out. What are they? Are they rich and wealthy or do you want more clients from the middle class? How big should be the groups? Is there anything valuable? What about neighbors? Are they ok with parties and tourists living in the house?

After you’ve done this, focus on the services that you will provide with your house. Is there going to be a cleaning service? Is there going to be a housemaid or house staff? Or is it just renters and that’s it? Do you allow them to rent out also vehicles like motorcycles or cars? Is there a boat that the renters can use?

When you’ve done all this, you should calculate all the risks, all the costs that you need to cover and then you need to either add more or add just a little to make a profit, but the price should be always directed by the beforementioned. And you should also check out how others rent out their property and how much, what’s the average in the location.