What is photo scanner app good for?

There is no doubt about it, iPhones are at present time the most sold type of smartphone. And as new types are released basically at least once every year, they come with new and improved features not heard of until now.

Those big and fast leaps in technology are then complimented by many new apps we can download that make use of those new features. Usually it means that your phone functions more and more as pocket computer with each passing year.


One of the lesser known features, that is slowly gaining popularity, is a photo scanner app. This is application that you can download into newest models of your iPhone. It allows you, as the name suggest, to scan your photos and store them in the memory of your phone.

Of course you can say that this isn´t that usefull feature. After all, you have the original at home, so why would you need to scan them? Actually, there are quite few reasons for this.

The main is the fact that paper photos degrade over time, especially if they are exposed to direct sunlight or often manipulated with. As time progresses, you inevitably make torns and scratches, colors will also become more dull over time.


If you want to preserve them for long time, you need to store them in dark, dry place in room temperature, and basically forget them. But what if you want to look at them often? Here is when the scanner comes in.

You can easily scan them into your phone, so not only you can better preserve the originals, but also can look at them any time you want without the need to carry a photo album with you at all times.

So, as you can see, even if it does apper useless at first glance, this app may be really usefull. If you have plenty of old photos, this is definitely a handy feature for you. After all, photos are preserved memories we want to visit often, and this way we can visit them whenever we want.